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What can I do about my crooked teeth?

More than just a cosmetic issue, crooked teeth can contribute to serious oral health concerns. Crooked teeth make it difficult to brush and floss properly. This can allow plaque and debris to build up, leading to cavity formation and gum disease.

We at Wright Street Dental Clinic, Belmont, offer solutions for crooked teeth through invisible braces (Invisalign)

Straightening Teeth Without Braces
Straightening teeth without braces is used when there are no health considerations that would require braces. Common treatment options include porcelain veneers and dental crowns.
Porcelain Veneers – Porcelain Veneers can be used to correct minor problems including gaps between teeth, crooked teeth or uneven teeth. Learn more about Porcelain Veneers
Cosmetic Bonding– Cosmetic bonding is a quick and easy way to fix minor imperfections in the teeth, including crooked teeth. For this procedure, a biocompatible resin is applied directly to the tooth and sculpted into the proper shape and form. Cosmetic bonding does not remove any of the natural tooth, but is not as durable and long-lasting as other procedures and may require touch-ups.

  • Dental Crowns – A dental crown covers the entire tooth and can be used to close spaces between teeth, lengthen teeth, and achieve symmetry. A dental crown can also treat teeth that are worn, broken, or affected by tooth decay. Learn more about Dental Crowns

Orthodontics Straighten Crooked Teeth
Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry focused on correcting the alignment and position of teeth, jaw joints and TMJ disorders. Orthodontic treatment may involve either metal braces or invisible braces to straighten teeth.

Invisible braces are preferred by many adult and teen patients. This treatment is well suited for patients with mild to moderate alignment problems.

Benefits of Invisible Braces

  • Effective treatment for a wide variety of alignment problems including: crowding, spacing, overbite and underbite
  • Removable trays allow you to eat whatever you want
  • Improved hygiene because you can brush and floss normally
  • Smooth plastic instead of sharp metal means more comfortable treatment
  • Convenience of visiting our Wright Street Dental Clinic, Belmont, to monitor treatment instead of specialist

Straighter Teeth For A Healthy Smile
Improve your self esteem as well as your dental health by straightening crooked teeth. Contact Wright Street Dental Clinic, Belmont, to schedule a consultation and learn about which treatment options are right for you.