Root Canal Therapy

A tooth, unlike most of the rest of the body, has a limited ability to deal with insult.

The inner part of a tooth is hollow and it houses blood vessels and nerves that are referred to as the pulp. If the pulp of a tooth becomes irreversibly infected or affected, then it will die.

Endodontic therapy or root canal treatment can save the tooth. We believe in saving your teeth, if the prognosis is favorable, because it gives you many more options in the future to help maintain a healthy smile. Root canal therapy can be completed painlessly and with a high degree of success using today’s advanced techniques.

At this appointment, the patient is typically anesthetised to ensure that the procedure is done painlessly. Then the dentist creates a small access opening on the inside of the tooth. The diseased pulp is removed and the tooth is thoroughly disinfected.

The tooth is then sealed. In most situations, a crown is indicated to cover and protect the tooth. You can now enjoy the use of the tooth, just as comfortably as your natural teeth.