Fillings can fix minor imperfections, including minimal amounts of decay and small cracks in the teeth.

Our tooth coloured fillings, called composites, are made of a resin, reinforced with glass quartz particles in a specific shape and size that mimics a tooth’s physical properties. They look extremely natural. Many of our patients have elected to replace their old failing silver restorations with these new tooth coloured, metal-free fillings.
Silver Filling (Before)
White FIlling (After)
In placement of a composite filling, we first remove the diseased or weakened part of the tooth (as well as the old metal filling if present). We then carefully sculpt the missing part of the tooth with the new composite filling and it is bonded into place.

The composite fillings are strong enough to provide years of function and are customised to blend with your natural teeth. You will feel comfortable while eating and look confident with a cleaner, whiter smile.