Invisalign, an alternative to braces, is quickly becoming the first choice for many patients who need to straighten their teeth, but want to do it without traditional metal braces. This incredibly fascinating CAD CAM Software enables the dentist to make virtual changes to the positioning of a patient’s teeth, creating a window through time, before treatment is ever initiated! The patient and the dentist can view the computer simulation of the before and after results to better make a decision on treatment. This system uses clear plastic aligners, or retainers, to gently move teeth to the target alignment.

This method allows patients to straighten teeth without anybody knowing.

Invisalign orthodontic treatment commonly takes the same amount of time as traditional braces. The aligners are changed every two weeks and the typical patient uses between 10 and 24 trays total during the treatment period.

Often Invisalign is used in conjunction with other restorative treatment in order to position and align teeth as an aid to reduce the number of teeth needing treatment and/or facilitate a more conservative restorative technique.